Sustainable Living Center in Texas is Committed to Eco-Friendly Living

January 18, 2013 - Store owners Gordon and Jana Wybo have developed their Sustainable Living Center in Kyle, Texas, based on a unique business model: Pass along environmentally responsible skills.

The Sustainable Living Center offers solutions to help people save money, eat healthier and improve their property and communities. It includes a garden that produces plants and food for local pantries and provides a learning environment for local schools. The center is also a National Wildlife Federation certified wildlife habitat that offers food, water and shelter for animals to raise their young.

The owners are committed to helping people learn how to enjoy more eco-friendly lifestyles. They offer workshops on topics that include: how to preserve food and herbs, rainwater harvesting, gardening, composting, plant medicine, as well as soap and candle making. The center sells items from local vendors, too.

It took the Wybos 9 months to get their business up and running. Most of that time was spent dealing with the city because the concept was new to the planning department, Gordon said.

“They didn’t know how to classify us,” he said. “We teach, but we’re not a school; we grow stuff, but we’re not a farm; we sell plants and seeds, but we’re not a greenhouse; so we are actually listed as an emergency preparedness supply store.”

The Wybos sell supplies that can help people survive if there is a natural disaster. “After awhile people get tired of eating canned beans or tuna, so if you grow your own food, you’ll be able to survive a little better,” Gordon said. 

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