EPA Cracks Down on Illegal Pesticides

January 8, 2013 - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued legal complaints against two companies for selling unregistered pesticides. Both the Daifuku Trading Corp. of Englewood, N.J., and the Everyday Group of Brooklyn, N.Y., face penalties for violating federal pesticides law. Under federal law, products used to kill pests must be registered with the EPA and contain labels written in English with instructions on their proper use.

Daifuku faces additional fines for making false and misleading statements on one of its pesticide products, for not properly labeling six products and for the improper importation of pesticide products.

The EPA emphasized that stores should not sell pesticides that are not registered with the EPA. Otherwise they are putting people at risk.

When the EPA inspected the Daifuku Trading Corp., investigators found the company was selling unregistered and misbranded pesticides, including insect repellents, laundry detergents and disinfectants. Daifuku also failed to notify the EPA that it was importing pesticides.

The EPA also found that another company, Everyday Group, was selling pesticide products that had not been registered to stores throughout New York City, including mothballs from China that contain a toxic chemical and could have been mistaken for candy.

Pesticides are linked to several illnesses, including skin and eye irritations and cancer. Some pesticides impact hormone or endocrine systems.

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