Get The Facts
Find out about the impacts of extreme weather and carbon pollution in Illinois.  Share this fact sheet and make sure people in your community are informed about the effects of climate change.
Climate Change Science: Learn what science tells us about why the climate is changing.
Report Spills and Environmental Violations
Are you concerned about an environmental situation within your community but don't know where to go for answers?
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EPA's Women in History
The EPA profiles women scientists and engineers who are striving to make the planet a cleaner, safer and more sustainable place to live.
The latest addition in a series titled "Women of the EPA" is the Scientific Diving Program. These superstar diving scientists share their research, how they discovered their passion for science and engineering, and give advice for anyone who is interested in pursuing environmental and human health research.
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An Indoor Air Quality Home

When its cold outside, we spend most of our time indoors.  Indoor air quality becomes even more important when you're forced to stay inside because of hazardous temperatures or weather conditions. Safeguarding your home against harmful contaminents can have a major impact on your health and comfort during the winter months ahead. 

The EPA provides a virtual tour that will help you identify key pollutants in your home and how to address the problems they create. Click here and Take A Tour of the IAQ House

RADON - Is Your Home Safe?
Exposure to radon in the home is responsible for an estimated 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year. Radon is a health hazard with a simple solution.  For more information goto EPA 
Click here for  "A Citizen's Guide to Radon".
Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality

December 28, 2012

The World Health Organization reports that nearly 2 million people a year die prematurely from illness attributable to indoor air pollution. 
The WASHplus Project, an organization that creates supportive  environments for healthy communities, has posted an article written by Myles F. Elledge, of RTI International, highlighting global guidelines and national policies for Indoor Air Quality. 
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Conservation International
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